Choices, choices

3 March 2022

Given current world events, last night’s Elm Tree Quiz made its own small contribution in support of democratic principles by allowing the teams to vote for the topics of the themed rounds.

Teams were able to vote for 5 rounds from a list of 17 topics. Those rounds then formed the quiz.

Only one topic received no votes. Apologies to C18th political philosopher Edmund Burke.

The other topics not chosen but that may crop up in due course were:

  • Goya
  • Arles
  • The Magnificent Seven
  • Female Fashion Icons
  • Angela Merkel
  • Cloth and textiles
  • The Congo
  • Scots Law
  • Pony Club
  • Ultra Sports Events
  • The Great American Songbook

To find out the topics that were chosen, you’ll have to do the quiz….

Yours democratically