Hi. Just to reassure you that the rounds on Mental Health and Poor Sporting Performance in last week’s quiz were written several weeks ago and any relevance to the Olympics was wholly coincidental.

As it is, I hope the Games have brought a smile to the face. If in need of cheering up, I can heartily recommend the footage of the two Swedish discus-throwers after winning gold and silver. Long careers in Viking re-enactments await them.

All the best



Because of an administrative oversight, last week’s comments didn’t appear. So here they are, confirming to those who did the quiz that there was a historical theme…

As the Government appears content to let Universities drop teaching History,  it is up to the doughty pub quiz to fill the gap.  This week is therefore a History special (sort of) including the sum total of English History in one round of 5 questions. I recommend 1066 And All That as your key text for revision.

Back to the present day. No theme this week, but a couple of Olympics references to give a veneer of contemporariness…



The never-ending story

Don’t worry. After Sunday night’s disappointment, there are only a little over three weeks until the next football season starts.

Meanwhile, the Quiz never ends (hurrah!). Here’s a sort-of-themed quiz, guaranteed football-free.



Football? What football?

Welcome to tonight’s alternative to the footy.

It’s a themed quiz to celebrate my in-laws’ Golden Wedding anniversary last weekend. Best wishes to Jean and Geoff. I expect at least a winning score from you!

And from England… here’s hoping…


Problem with dollar signs

We have a problem with the General Knowledge round, question 6, where the question

Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers with a fortune of $83bn is thought to be the richest woman in the world. She is the heiress to which fortune?

is not displaying correctly. This is being worked on.