Elm Tree Quiz pleased to be back…

Hello to all Elm Tree Quiz regulars. The pub’s Wednesday evening quiz has been running for at least fifty years, if not longer. It is reputedly the hardest in the City and, we would like to think, the most varied and entertaining.  For the time being we are moving online.

We’ll be posting a weekly quiz on Wednesday evenings to keep all regulars and new quizzers alike on their toes. It will follow the quiz’s established format: a word round, five themed rounds and a general knowledge round. There will be no prizes – it’s just for fun and the challenge, until we can meet again in person.

Also many congratulations to Durham’s University Challenge Team on reaching the semi-finals. We’ve recently enjoyed the company and impressive performances of Joe, William, Charles and Arthur. Any team that knows both that armadillos carry leprosy and Robert Fripp played guitar on Bowie’s Heroes deserves respect.

This is a work in progress – any suggestions please drop us a line to

For the time being… stay at home, wash your hands and enjoy the quiz!

Frank Orr