Choose to Challenge

As you know, Monday this week was International Women’s Day, focusing on “Choose to Challenge” regarding gender bias. Tonight’s quiz accordingly chooses challenging questions that are, if not exclusively for women, certainly about women (with the odd man thrown in and, in the case of Clotworthy Skeffington, one very odd man).

It is a moot point as to whether in broad terms quizzes are gender neutral.  Search online and the lazy suggestion is that men much prefer sports questions and even more lazily, and more contentiously, that women prefer questions about soap operas. That is a lot of tosh and certainly not reflective of Elm Tree quizzers. Anyway, you are not getting many questions about soap operas in this quiz, whoever you are.

All that said, what is always challenging, irrespective of gender, is trying to strike the right balance between range of topics and degrees of difficulty. Or in Elm Tree-speak, between Wombles and Wittgenstein. Each has its place. I live in hope of one day formulating the perfect question combining both Orinoco and Ludwig.  Any feedback,  comments, suggestions or requests for any topics you’d like to see in the quiz are most welcome at .

Yours challengingly



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