From Wombles to Wittgenstein…

Part of the highly sophisticated and targeted marketing campaign for the Elm Tree Quiz (otherwise known as a poster in the pub) is the slogan that it tests your knowledge from Wombles to Wittgenstein. In order to live up to that promise, questions can range from low to high culture and every now and again there are specifically rounds on our furry friends from Wimbledon and everyone’s favourite Austrian–British philosopher. Today’s quiz is one such occasion.

As a warm-up, previous Wombles and Wittgenstein questions have included:

  • Which Womble is the world’s 59th longest river?
  • What hairstyle did Stepney, the Womble from the East End, have?
  • True or False? In Elizabeth Beresford’s Womble family tree, Alderney was inadvertently shown as the illegitimate love-Womble of Wellington and Miss Adelaide, assistant to Madame Cholet.
  • Wittgenstein was born in Vienna on 26 April 1889. Which other Austrian was born 6 days earlier and briefly attended the same school as Wittgenstein?
  • A basic premise of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosphicus is that “all philosophy is a critique of …” what?
  • Somewhat eccentrically, what sort of chairs, not normally used indoors, did Wittgenstein use in his college rooms at Cambridge?

Answers: Orinoco, Dreadlocks, False (sadly), Adolf Hitler, Language, Deckchairs

Good luck with today’s Wombling and Wittgensteining…